I am pornographic I am demoniacal
Malfeasance incarnate I thrive on your nightmares
Eat the anger beneath my eyes sacrifice the bitterness
And lies whatever appeals to my disgruntled soul

The sweet taste of my anger builds as I negotiate
The severance of your neck enticing your plight
Of aspiration your corporate ways squalor this
Monopoized world embracing your pain with forceful
Condemnation everyday is a parade in your selfish way

I am your anathema corruption existential
A trail of imprecation lies in my wake
Don't need psychotherapy to fucking understand me
Bury me deep within your conscious memory

I am your anti-Christ your Lucifer your Judas Iscariot
Watch your Eden collapse under the strain of
My intoxication a burning desire enflames my sight
As I wait for further proof of this my method
Undetectable my conscience clear no more tolerance
Is acceptable to you so lay and die in your perfect little
Shit daydream reality I spit on your filthy fucking utopia

I am your iconoclast I am the heresiarch
Dissolution autotelic in your epitaph
I let you bury me I can still hear your screams of mercy
From beneath this rank soil

I am degenerated I am adulterated
I am your dissonance I am your sine die
I am within your terror I smell the burning flag
I still exist among your bipolar memories
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The Great I Am Lyrics

The Anarchists Pogo Party – The Great I Am Lyrics