What's the price

Freedom enslaved by debt another mismanaged economy
Take pensions from the poor your wallet so fucking fat
Repay or you reclaim all our savings turned to ice

Pay your bills loose your job repossessed on the street
In a box can't sign on no more work cannot eat
Must get out make ends meet special brew can't take this

Social housing goes up empty buildings owned by banks
Your profits coming down
Our lives this great depression

What's the rush

Paint all your faces red and hide behind your city
We never asked for this so pay us back our money
I wouldn't shake your hand but now you bathe in glory

What's the point
What's the truth
What's the wait

Another corrupt deal
Behind closed doors and under your stones
Another wasted budget this financial bail-out fucks us
Another pet project
Take your greed and swallow your lies

What's the fine
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Paint The City Red Lyrics

The Anarchists Pogo Party – Paint The City Red Lyrics