You pushed away you're rocking chair
You're seven years of living
Choose to think it over, you could try
You held beauty on your knee
You felt you were so giving
You made one feel special, then goodbye

Now tell me where did you go
A long way from me
Was it someone I know
Search your soul
A long way from me
'Cause I need to know, how far you'd go
Where did you sleep
Tell me who's gonna show

It's so in you're nature
To keep you're face well hidden
Make a fox feel proud, you're so sly
Cannot play this game
My heart's tired, are we sinking
You made me once feel special, say goodbye


So push away you're rocking chair
That seven years of giving
No time to think it over, so don't try

[Chorus x2]

Where did you sleep last night
Where did you sleep last night
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Where Did You Sleep? Lyrics

Texas – Where Did You Sleep? Lyrics

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