We are super friends, fighting 'til the end
With the Wonder Twins, yes we always win
Come along with us, an adventure 'waits
We will be ready to rock, uh-huh
With our corny dialogue, uh-huh

Some got X-Ray eyes, some fly through the skies
But these high tech guys always find the best buys
From Batman to Superman, Aquaman
The Green Lantern keeps us nice and tan
Who dares oppose us, the Hall of Justice stars
A million criminals with unlimited Visa cards
Black Manta, uh, the Legion of Doom
A genetic nightmare, there's no time to lose
I'm from Krypton, Aquaman knows Davey Jones
Wonder Woman by my side, how I'd like to jump her bones
Strike with the force of a truck full of stones
But Kryptonite affects me like the sun on ice cream cones
I'ma lead my friends to victory over the villains
Keepin' the peace so you folks can keep chillin'
All without making a single killin'
So the bad guys can come back for a sequel or a zillion

When danger calls, we don't pause at all
We will fight for all, in our underalls
Watch us every week, as we kick some butt
Use my jet and magic lasso, uh-huh
That Lex Luthor's such an, bad guy, uh-huh

My ears are pointed, Robin's double jointed
Get any girl I want, but I try not to flaunt it
I bought this new high tech utility belt
The best one they sell, guaranteed not to melt
I think Robin is swell, but can't stand how he smells
Together we'll catch the Riddler, put him in a cell
I know we'll catch him, cause we're a team
But I still don't know what Holy Halibut means

Now Mitzelplix is back, he's a pain in the neck
Only way to send him back is if he says his name backwards
Man, messin' up my brain like a pound of crack
Turned me into a big flower creature that quacked
Grin like a Cheshire Cat, suit like a jester
Body like an elf, voice like Fran Drescher
Doesn't matter in the end, 'cause I always win
Send him back to the fifth dimension once again

City's under siege, villains all you see
'Nother crazy scheme, call the Justice League
We will be right there, to restore the peace
You can rely on the good guys, uh-huh
And nobody ever dies, uh-huh

Just when we thought we were finally done
Brainiac, Bizarro, and the Toyman come
Two Face, didn't make it into this show
But we still got the Cheetah, Lex Luthor, and Scarecrow

I installed our new computer today
'Cause our old one had about 32K
Things were going fine, everything was great
Till I went and installed Windows 98
Now the damn thing doesn't work at all
And we're in debt to our necks from the tech support calls
And Robin won't talk to me he's still sore
That he can't access his porn

Good old Superfriends, city's one defense
Now when things get tense, we can call our friends
We will kick some butt, and for free no less
And now evil better beware, uh-huh
'Cause the Superfriends'll be there, uh-huh

(Once more for Wendy and Marvin)

Good old Superfriends, evil we will fend
It comes back again, but it never wins
And we'll be right here, 'til the end of time
And nothing can ever stop us, uh-huh
'Til our show stops making profits, uh-huh
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Superfriends Lyrics

Sudden Death – Superfriends Lyrics