I live for the hunt
I thirst for the kill
I lust and I eat
I sleep where I will
Love the thrill, take the pill
Standing still and growing ill
Gun owner and I carry
Carjack proof so punks be wary
Seeds we sew, to and fro
Compromised and here we go

Only the righteous on the light side
Changing seasons along for the ride
I search for purpose, do you?
Fear surrendered

Walk the line, come one and do it
Walk the line, don't act like you knew it

I can be a motherfuckin' dick
Got a temper and it'll flare up real quick
Talk the shit, run the lip
Nervous tick, hear the click
Emperor of this world
King of the planet
Sinner by trade
Creature by habit
Have the gall, climb the wall
Want it all, never fall
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Walk The Line Lyrics

Stuck Mojo – Walk The Line Lyrics