Don't step into my cipher, unless you can
Decipher who's the hyper Buddha session
Budpiper. Talking out the side of your neck
Bleed me kill my dreams. As I turn the dial
In self-denial will they check out the fake
Smile program direct scan A to Z same ole
Yeah! No adventure to save to venture
Ouch. Who's the pimp trying to turn me out!!
Who's lifted? Who's really gifted? Is it
Who you know or what you know??(2x)
Mentally melting down here the sounds of
The same old sounds going round.
Ears still burning tongues steady turning
Mad. Scheming suckers double teaming.
Like Harlwm Heat I reach for the tag
Switched up now who's coming in last?
Excedrin number sucker D.J. play, play.
Blah, Blah all day no way I'll play.
Fundamentally you lack the tools pockets
Too low tools. Simple. Monumentally
Clique. So you Pete Corbon copies can
Compete of complete. Obsolete any
Flavor that you savor. Old to
New I kinda knew to sell my soul run with a fake crew.
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Mental Melt Down Lyrics

Stuck Mojo – Mental Melt Down Lyrics