Well you say you want to know where I stand
Before you fall
You say love's definition is not
The same for us all
Well I can understand why you're afraid
And just so we're both on the same page
Let me try and make this whole thing clear

I'm talkin' pure devotion
A won't-be-denied emotion
Deeper than the ocean
Well that's love for you
It's unexplainable uncontainable irreplaceable
Well you know that it's true
That's love for you

You'll see my interpretation of love
Is right on the mark
If you'll give me half a chance
And follow your heart
Forever's what I've got in mind
So let me say this one more time
And make it as simple as I can

[Chorus: x2]
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That's Love For You Lyrics

Steve Wariner – That's Love For You Lyrics

That's Love For You lyrics © STEVE WARINER MUSIC

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