As long as the ferris wheel spins 'round
Makin' the night bright as day
I know our love will shine about
And keep the darkness at bay

I know you'll see the man you love
But not the man that I am
I pray that I can win you a prize
And the summer will never end

But the circus is leaving town
They're firing all the clowns
And the hum of the trucks
As they're loading 'em up
Makes a lonesome sound
The big tops are coming down, Baby
Yeah, they're bringing the big tops down

The kids are all grown and gone
It's awful quiet at night
And we're both feeling all alone
Though we're lying side by side
We hover around this haunted house
Like a couple of ghosts
The laughing, the crying, the lovin', the fightin'
I don't know what I miss the most


I keep standing by the window listening for the sound
For the wheels of love rolling coming back around
Coming back around, Baby


They're bringing the big tops down

They're bringing the big tops down

They're bringing the big tops down
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Big Tops Lyrics

Steve Wariner – Big Tops Lyrics

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