Is it true what they say, you feel more guilty by the hour
We think you'd given up the fight, we don't believe you no how
Is it true what you said, if you can catch me I'm your gal!
And then you slithered to the floor
Don't you see, we've got you now
Is it true what they say, you've always got more than your share
This boy, your story, how'd you dare? ??
Take it. ..

Chorus: is it true what they say?

(two nubile lancashire lasses)
One: hey, what do you think of this group, betty?
Two: oh, I think they're great
One: what d'yer reckon to that lead singer?
Two: ooh, I think he's great
Both: great, great, terrific. ..
One: d'yer fancy that drummer there, betty?
Two: ooh, the guitarist is great
One: I thought the drummer was more your type
Two: ooh, great
Both: great, terrific, great, great, no really, great, terrific, great
One: this place has never been the same since this group came her to
Play on saturday nights has it
Both: no, it's great, great, terrific, great here now
Singer: hope all you wonderful people have had a wunnerful time because
Everything her was just wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerfull
One: everything here was just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

Exeunt one and all
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Is It True What They Say Lyrics

Steve Harley – Is It True What They Say Lyrics