Well [E] don't ya go [A]thinkin', and [E] thinkin', and [B] thinkin'

And [E] thinkin' so [A] much 'till you're [E] stranded be[B]hind

[E] Don't ya go [A] thinkin', and [E] thinkin', and [B] thinkin',

And [E] thinkin' so [A] much 'till you're [B] losin' your [E]mind

There's so [G#min] many [B]depressions all [C#min]plowed in your [E] brain

[A]Trace 'em too [E]far, and they'll drive you [B] insane

[A]You're twisted so [E] tight now, you [A] hardly can [E] talk

Get out in the [F#min]daylight and [A] go for a [B] walk

All the tension inside has gone through to your face

You're flashin' your madness all over the place

You stand in the hallway an' try to explain

I look in your eyes, I see shackles an' chains, aw

You're chasin' some notion you've misunderstood

You're tryin' so hard, can't you tell it's no good?

You analyze everything into a "No"

You're fallin' apart, you got nothing to show
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Thinkin' Lyrics

Steve Forbert – Thinkin' Lyrics

Songwriters: STEVE FORBERT
Thinkin' lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, DEMI MUSIC CORP. D/B/A LICHELLE MUSIC COMPANY

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