I waited for moonlight, I waited for fall
I waited for midnight, I waited for calls
I waited for daylight, I waited for signs
I waited for love, I guess I wasted my time

So long, don't you ask me to stay
Goodbye, all you sleepytime days and nights
Down to sleepytown way
If you want me to I'll remember you . . .

I stood in the street where the rain made it shine
I turned up my collar and I made up my mind
I gotta be leavin', gotta leave you today
My future alone is just a whisper away


So long, baby--I say bye, bye, now
I says so long, babe
Hey, hey goodbye, bye now...

I got to be leavin', I got to be gone
Sleepy town waiting, hung me up for too long
I got to be leavin', I can't hang around
It's bringin' me down, already down to the ground

[Chorus: x 2]
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Lonesome Cowboy Bill's Song Lyrics

Steve Forbert – Lonesome Cowboy Bill's Song Lyrics

Songwriters: STEVE FORBERT
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