People standing silently
Staring at the sky
The colours there gathering
It's time to say goodbye

There is no one to warn them now
No one to raise his voice
The shadow passing by
All that is living is starting to die

The May rain will fall
The end of it all

Buried under the ruins of the city
Burnt by the shattering sun
The failure of the creation
The end has begun

Drifting in the river of life
Polluted by the human hand
The shadow passes by
No one left to stand

Nature cries, the view is shivering
Air is too heavy to breathe
Trees dance in anxiety

A civilization too proud
The concrete jungle collapsing, falling to dust
The angels of the blind god laughing
The lesson of Babylon forgotten centuries ago

Ears are bleeding
Under waves of unbearable noise
Nature cries
The wind howls with a human voice
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When The Wind Howled With A Human Voice Lyrics

Spiritus Mortis – When The Wind Howled With A Human Voice Lyrics