Passionate onanists standing under the crucifix
The heavens are pouring tears for the nailed one
A wall of flesh is build with human bricks
When the demiurge reigns supreme the true god is done

The false prophets of the Old Testament vomiting a thousand lies
Man-made rules tied together with the saviour's blood
But the ones within the truth are opening their eyes
Fearlessly encountering the god behind the god

Sacred names printed with gold on black parchments
Truth decoded from meaningless paraphrases
Underground sects performing pure sacraments
Summoning the hermaphrodite god of multiple faces

The children of Bethlehem are buried under the mourner's bench
But their souls dance high above in the heavenly hall
Transcendental flowers cover the profane stench
At the feet of the pharisees the earth-bound maggots crawl
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The God Behind The God Lyrics

Spiritus Mortis – The God Behind The God Lyrics