Have a Seat,
Wash your hands,
Rest your feet,
It might be some time before we meet again

Remember me and all that I've Said
and all that I've Done
Cause all that you have is still irrelevant
When Relevant to this world

When the dog bites then the bee stings...
conundrum to separate
talking circles, walking circles...
there is no way to separate

One of you here seems a bit distracted,
whispers in the background,
walks behind the roses,
betrays me with a kiss

and then calm yourself,
nothing can be done to change this course of action

When the Dog bites then the bee stings....
a conundrum to separate
Talking circles, walking circles...
there is no way to separate

And here they come across the fields
To take me to my precious pilate
Connecting me to destiny...
...I am, I am not afraid (X4)

But in three days I will walk behind the sun
Just beyond sleep i will wake in more ways than...
...more prayer before I go
One last kiss to ease your mind

When the dog bites and the bee stings...
a conundrum to separate
Talk in circles, walk in circles...
there is no way to separate

When in winter lies the secret...
a conundrum to separate
And then summer holds the answers...
there is no way to separate
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Thursday Night Lyrics

South FM – Thursday Night Lyrics