I'm suddenly aware we might be worlds apart
Figment my imagination, I feel you there
A flickering of a warmth that brings me home
A part of me that's so far away, a distant essence of myself
Reminds me of familiarity, like someone I used to know
Why do you feel so far away?
Perhaps its all in my head, possibly me that's insane
Into these waves, these silent steps I take to you
Into this light, into my waves, come and crash into my soul
Compensate for my hole, every step that I take brings me closer to you
You haunt my dreams, I miss you so much when I am awake
You're touching me, at times it causes me to tremble
Please give to me, please open up my mind
A part of me, inside of you... Fell so far away
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Seven Lyrics

South FM – Seven Lyrics