You've always been there for me
And I never cared enough
You've always loved me perfectly
And I never shared some
And you never said a thing
You gave it all just for me

I treated you so selfishly
And you were still by my side
Instead you gave so selflessly
And I didn't dare to try
To show you unconditional love
How can I be so insensitive

(I'm coming to you)
Once again I come to you
This time I'll never make it slip away
(I'll never slip away)
Hold my hand and together we
Will wait for the day
When we will be as one

You know I played a thousand times
And you never did the same
You made me see when I was blind
You wiped those tears away
You showed me your true love
And now I'm thinking how can I repay

I know that there were times
When you almost gave up
And I couldn't blame you
If you did just that
But still you chose to stay
And suffer all the pain
You held on, gave me hope
Believed that I could change

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Once Again Lyrics

South Border – Once Again Lyrics

Songwriters: EARL KLUGH
Once Again lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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