And big nuts is what it takes
To get up on the mic and enunciate,
Or else your fate
Is disappointment.
But give yourself a break;
Don't get disjointed from the point
That you was tryin' to make.
Ya know
We destined to be fresh;
It ain't no secret.
'Cause these bitches runnin' they mouths;
I guess that's 'cause they detest us.
But just rock at them souls of mischief shows.
That ninety-four flow
Leavin' 'em froze,
With an infinitesimal amount of aggression for MC's.
But still digestible
For the rest of you;
To ease up on it
If ya want to get with it.
Ain't no opponents
'Cause we pack with components to kill.
React if you feel
You haven't been snared and trapped.
In the ninety-two, that nigga, Cas, made y'all scared to rap.
The High-rollas.
Take it as you may.
I never perpetrated to this day,
Or did anything that they did.
Only catered to the way
That we created and dated.
To let 'em know
We kickin' that straight shit;
That sacred,
Dope rhyme related.
Every time they congregated, it was us;
Definitely somethin' to discuss,
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Yeah It Was You Lyrics

Souls Of Mischief – Yeah It Was You Lyrics

Songwriters: Martin, Christopher E / Elam, Keith / Carter, A. / Massey, Tyren
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