Never no more, never no more
Never will a sucka score, never no more
Never no more, never no more
Never will a sucka score, never no more


Message recorded, lessons be stored in
this mental core it's, like lentil porridge
Nas-T, Massey, be the last G
From medical texts to class me
Ask me, if I had to grip my pad
the riffs I grab would rip and stab
the kids that sag the shit they strap
is flavorless, and wreckless
Your bestest behavior gets
I plays the hits, displays the shit
a razor gets parlayed amidst
and later splits a feeling that
I made ya hit, a really phat I gave to kids
when I punched em
I crunch men, at a function


Ponder on this, I swallowed the spliff with elocution
Encompassing the pompous means when I escalate my tool
shins get split, men get spindled swiveled pivoted
by my riveting centrifuge
I swindling crews, bringing a fist to bruise
Pulverizing skulls annihilating trifling dunces
Pulling rifle pumps to stifle punks when my knife splits
Split your spleen hit you clean in the kisser
When I twist a riddle I'm breakin the brittle
and flimsy with my whimsy
Puns and phrases I stun and phase kids
Terrorize em paralyze em paraplegic, when I leave em
Mindless spineless vertabraetless with menengitis
I earn em swift and minus a life with my nine

Chorus 2X


I get the props, you get the buttocks
I know my what nots, stoppin flows like blood claats
Nah, 'cause that's a bad word in Jamaican
And I am that, grams packed 'cause my jam's phat
So get the beaner butter we discovered treasure
You're sweet when I stomp you with my feet just for pleasure
'cause I write the rhymes like a slave'll pick the cotton
The best from the West 'cause I'm fresh and you're rotten
Take out the trash or I'll take it out your ass
With a blast from the past in the future, I'll shoot ya
But for the present beatdowns will suffice
Lose 'cause you choose to be down with some mice
You dumb dunces I come once it's my time to
want to hear a joke? I'm you
Don't you wish I won't dismiss your treachery
I bet you be, leaving upon a stretcher G


I'm coming tighter, your rhymes are Oreida
Little reminiscent of the poetry I write
a-stoundingly, you're sounding like me, might we
Step outside and settle this I cause catastrophes
I laugh at these cause my shit is astonishing
Demolishing, you and your following I'm swallowing
MC's like I was a black hole ramsack those
wack flows who chose to oppose
I don't suppose, dare or where my stubble grows
Reverses the process, god bless you swing and whoa it's you!
Opio, disposes of crews like snotty tissues
I rip through bodies with corkscrews you wish you never tried

Chorus 2X

Never again
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Never No More Lyrics

Souls Of Mischief – Never No More Lyrics


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