That's my work,
That's my, that's my, that's work...

See that fly skirt, that's my work,
Little bad b***h met her at the concert,
With da cool b***h doin their dance,
Twerkin their bodies around drop make that a** work then,
I moved in, like a cobra, n***a shut it down, party over,
You can ride this d**k, I'm a chauffeur,
I swing big bat, siny celsca,
You a hood rat, but I'm diggin you,
F**k what you're n***a do, only take a minute too,
Suck on this mutherfucka like you on a interview,
Swag up fresh from the top to the tennis shoe,
Yeah, look at my hoes, pork chops and a bunch a dell tacos,
See my d**k, that's the real drug, beat the brakes off a b***h, billy club,
I got a bad b***h (that's my work)
Holdin up traffic (that's my work)
Catch her in the alley way (that's my work)
Do whatever daddy say (that's my work)


Verse 2:

Get your a** up and drop it back down,
Turn around,
Pick her up, head her off,
She bring it back, to a real boss,
My b***h, my hoe, my bossay,
Young white b***h fair fossy
Sweat dripppin on her like a faucet,
Just got off the pole 'bout to give me what a boss get
Get anything you give on the floor
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That's My Work Lyrics