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Woman: Ya baby
Snoop: Ya playa
Woman: Ya baby
Snoop: That's some real pimp s**t right here
Snoop: These b*****s is outta line man
Man: What's the matter dog you can't control your b*****s?
Snoop: Check this out man

(chorus: kokane)
I got b*****s all in my game that don't even know my name
Then pump your brakes, you hoes
You could talk all day behind my back, but wont say s**t in my face
Then pump your brakes, you hoes
You are then one, you are then one,
You are then one, you are then one, you are then one, hooo
You are s***, s***, s***, you are so s***
You are then one, you are then one,
You are then one, you are then one, you are then one, hoo hoo
You are s***, s***, s***, hmmm

Carla, Darla, Charlene and Camina
Tereka and Erika, they love to take care of her
Real m**********are from the dpg
Keesha, Resha, Tammy and Renesha
I appreciate the way y'all skate
When the clock hit eight
Now April and Kate
Y'all be doin' too much
Running your mouths
Fuckin s**t up, you gotta get up
Cus I done had enough
Getting sick and tired of the same stuff
You told Kamil and she told Karla
And she told April and now they all know
But I could give a f**k 'cus all y'all my hoes
So, all that confronting the real n***a on site
Today is today, last night was last night
As I leaned with my hand on my balls
I had to really check these b*****s and tell then like this dog


Nina do this and Tina do that
Sabrina, Sakina, n***a them all my hood rats
Back in the days when I was on the???
At an early age man
I was on the???
Non-stop, I beat it up and tell that b***h to get going
(They be like hot butter on a breakfast toast)
Hollarin' out, poppin' a collar out
And talkin' s**t on the phone to me at my baby-moma's house
(who's she?) Look here b***h do you know who the f**k I am
You better read your mot*****in' first telegram
You remind me of this b***h that used to work for me
Had to cut the b***h up 'cus she tried to get too close to me
And tried to confront me at a club one night
Fu***n' with her friend, a fake b***h (Is that right?)
But you know I had to stop and appause
And I put my hand on my balls and said??? What's up dog


I got my own spot and I got my own keys
So can't no b***h talk s**t to me
Like Kiki did me, b***h changed the locks
And kicked me up outta spot
I learned a lesson, I wasn't guessin' or stressin'
I got another b***h and she was at the??? Home
She said she needed a companion
S**t I needed a chaperone plus a new home
Snap, crack, it's on
But in no time at all seems she fell in love
But I wasn't ready for that
Topcat had to scat
I hit her friend from the back
While she was at work workin'
I was jerkin' that skirt
And fuckin with all her friends that was flirtin'
And when she found out she told me that that s**t hurt (boo-hoo)
A week later she fell in love with my homeboy Kurt
B***h you a'int s**t but dirt for dirt (biotch!)

[Chorus: X2]

This is a s*** b***h

{*Music fades out*}
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Brake Fluid Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – Brake Fluid Lyrics