Snoop Dogg is out
You wanna be there partyin'
All night long
Until the break of dawn
Oooh weee, oooh weee ooh
Oooh weee, oooh weee ooh


[Snoop Dogg]
Now stop, pause, chill for a second
It's Snoop Dogg and Teddy Riley on the record
Tell your mama, tell your daddy, tell all your friends
They got a party that's crackin' and that shit won't end
Me and my folks, we drink and we smoke, we rockin' the boat
We pop about four, five more, so
Bend don't break, break don't bend
I'm number one with a bullet, I'ma make more ends
When you're great they gonna hate
So what, that's probably why we Cali-fornicate
And shake to a whole other elevation
Catch me in the hood or your favorite television station
Creatin', a whole other lane for the generation
I drink Sunkist for the good vibration
Dippin', Rippin', shakin' and bakin'
I know you've been patiently waitin', I'm back y'all


[Snoop Dogg]
On your mark, set, party on 3
4, hit the floor and go for what ya know (hey!)
I'm in the party low-key, blowin' an eighth of dro
I'm playful but I don't play
Spinnin' the globe like the strobe
Like the club packed, my flow right the whole night
If I plan to go right, a cold night
In hell before I fail, I'm alright
Man, I'm like a flash of lightnin'
Breath of fresh air, classic debonair
Glass of champagne, hold it in my right hand
Finger roll cold, Dogg the Ice Man
Brazil to Iceland
I shine like a million lights man
The talk of the town, believe it or doubt it
I don't need to shout it, you better read about it


[Snoop Dogg]
Now pose like a superstar, walk like a model
I love it when you pop that bottle
I love it 'cause you're not so automatic
I love it when you put it where Dogg can grab it
I got my hands where you'll let me
I love it when you dance, so sexy
I love it when you in that night mood
Slow motion movin' like ain't nothin' like you
I'm feelin' good doin' what I like to
Suited up, pimp stripe, light blue
I let it do what it might do
Fresh and crispy, the rest a mystery
I'm blessed with history
No less than best, catch the rest
Live in the flesh, smooth with the style I choose
Not off the stress, I'm hot off the press

[Chorus: x2]
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SD Is Out Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – SD Is Out Lyrics

Songwriters: Broadus, Calvin / Riley, Teddy / Riley, Dejanee / Brooks, Priest

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