Yeah! Anotha Dogg House production
My nigga Meech roll it
Wussup We movin' solo for the 9-9, 9-8, ya heard me?
Too many flees, too many bustaz
We doin' this shit solo
Dig it?

Cold game (cold game), new twist (new twist)
My niggaz step back and let me do this (do this)
'Cause I'm that 5-0 with em, getting 5-0's, sittin' getting in the wind
For all my homies in the pen
It's back on
My backbone, my wife in my life & down wit a nigga before my paper was tight
Boo, you's a real bitch
I write that real shit
That them niggaz just got to get with
I bounce in and out of town just like a basketball player
Pass weed with the G's
And pass laws with the mayors
See, that's the difference between
You, me, and him
Nigga, I'm Silk the Slim
With the feather in his brim
I swim under water and don't get wet
Then bounce back to the hood and see-walk the set
I keep it gangsta all the time
An you can ask the Doug, Insanes, and One-9
'Cause I'm?

[Chorus: ]
Born gangsta, stays on the move (Keep it tru, dawgz)
Dogg Pound just for the fuck of it (Dogg Pound!)
Born gangsta, keepin' it true
None of y'all can stop me now
'Cause I'm havin' papers now (Dogg Pound!)

I stay on em like cop cars
Man, you watch your rabid-ass nine
Tryin' to stop cars hoo-bangin' this fast-lane game
It ain't a thang
I was learnin' this game when you was servin' your cane
It's where my shit's at
Flip rats tryin to get some get-back
Sit back, an holla at a playa bout? Cold game
I stay 'bout it ('bout it)
A bitch'll have you crossed up
An niggaz get you crossed out
I can't hang and bang wit y'all no more y'all niggaz flossed out
An papers what I'm all about
It's down that bullshit roll with y'all or take the baller
I take the baller out, he take the small amount
Long-term big shit
That's what I'm all about
Call em out, stall em out
Fuck em, I twist em
The hardhead never listen
They never recognize and they never pay attention
I stay G, and by the way did I mention? young nigga

[Chorus: ]

Ain't no l-i-m-i-to the t (ain't no limit)
I'm fuckin' wit G's that's makin' moves with thugs
You still catch me hangin' out
In the muthafuckin' club
One love (One love, nigga!), sippin' Moet
Holla'in at cha bitch (Beeyatch!)
All by my lonely, 'cause I don't give a shit
see-walkin' on the dance floor, throwin' up DP (Dogg Pound!)
An ain't nobody gon' fuck with me
'Cause I'm a Tru Tank Dogg
With big bank, y'all
Let's sample down with Snoop an watch us come back an spank y'all (Woo!)
Keepin' high, stay on top
I'm number one with a bullet and I'm back on top (Back on top!)
(Say what?) Hunter proof, gold tooth with the diamond in the middle
Roll-model millionaire gangsta ass nigga
We steady mobbin' while we lynchin'
Stay independent, on a mission
By the way did I mention? (Keep it gangsta, nigga!)

Born gangsta, stays on the move (Move on, Move on)
Dogg Pound just for the fuck of it (D-P-G? Dogg Pound!)
Born gangsta keepin' it true (Keep it real, dawg)
None of y'all can stop me now (Yeah, stop that)
'Cause I'm havin' papers now (Stop that? Dogg Pound!)
Born gangsta, stays on the move (Stay on the move, move on)
Dogg Pound just for the fuck of it (D-P-G? Dogg Pound!)
Born gangsta keepin' it true
None of y'all can stop me now (Stop that)
'Cause I'm havin' papers now (Yeah? Dogg Pound! You Know!)

Another Dogg House production. My nigga Meech on the beat Got another smoke
just goin' down, that's how it goes
Gotta say wussup to all my niggaz in the house
My nigga Meech in the house
Yeah, Chop-Chop from the AGB
Yeah, GoldieLox
An the LBC
Warren G
Aww yeah
Kiddie Banks from the LBC
Aww yeah
From the big LB
This how we do it y'all, DPG
And we out?
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Gangsta Move Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – Gangsta Move Lyrics

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