Yes, This is me,
The bad bad Dolemite
and i'm Ready
to put me,
in the White House
make me the President,
i'm gunna move on my first act
I'm a get me 2000 ragedy ass painters
to paint the mutha fuckin white house black
for your president
I'm a legalize every mutha fuckin thing

Somebody ask me how do I stand on Marijuana
Very high baby, very high
How do I stand on prosititution
I don't stand on it
I lay on it
im a legalize sellin pussy
Sell it Sell it
Sell your pussy girls
pussy will sell
if pussy don't sell
grits ain't gross
and eggs ain't poultry
and Mona Lisa is a mutha fuckin' man
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Dolemite Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – Dolemite Lyrics