Stay away from the haunted heart
You swore to yourself that you'd make a new start
But you just love the demon with the poison dart

There's nothing left to see
Turn out the light

Stay away from the burning house
Once you get inside you'll never get out
We'll die together before the flames go out
Did it burn you baby make you scream and shout?
Build it up just to tear it down
There's nothing left but ashes of doubt

Put it in the ground sing a funeral song
Have the neighbors over and they'll sing along
Lowering the coffin on a love gone wrong
Hey there now what did you bury today?
Buried the hope I wanted to stay
Nothing says 'forever' like our very own grave

There's nothing left of me
Turn out the light
No one here but me
Turn out the light
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Funeral Song Lyrics

Sleater Kinney – Funeral Song Lyrics