If you're tired of the big so so
Get yourself into some self-control
Play the game by putting on the brakes
Slow down and make less mistakes

Nobody lingers like your hands on my heart
Nobody figures like you figured me out
I would be lying if I didn't say to you
No One comes close don't worry you got it!
(there's fire if you want it let me know,
I'm sick and I'm tired of letting go)

The Way I feel when you call my name
Makes me go crazy to sane
The way I feel when you're close to me
Finally not drifting out to sea

It's in all in my pocket
I don't mind I don't mind I don't mind
I call it, my rocket
Come a little closer, (?)hit the one go sane(?)

Come on now I wish you would
I'm the one who makes you feel so good
Never mind those things they say
They don't know that I'm here to stay
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Oh! Lyrics

Sleater Kinney – Oh! Lyrics