In north and south pole
Are huge passages
To the interior of Earth
There are many cities
From many civilizations
Hidden inside
The Agarta network
Is composed by
More than hundred cities
Their people are advanced
And have even
Psychic powers

These cities are guardians of secret knowledge
Teachings and technologies from ancient cultures
Many ascended masters there dwell
With others teachers with spiritual heritage
There are havens for refugees
Of ancient civilization wars
They have advanced spacecrafts
That in and out from our poles

Verse 3
I'm not saying that all is hollow
Like a ballon but like huge caves
Linked to each other in a network

There could dwell aliens
Here could be their planet too
And nazis could have found this too
When they drilled to make their base

Hollow Earth
Is not
That silly
When you look close
Hollow Earth
Where dwell
A superior race
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Hollow Earth Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Hollow Earth Lyrics