All started in the nineteen twenties
With the rundflugzeug
Or round aircrafts
They utilized
Levitators developed by Schumann
Of Munich university
All these planned and supported
By societies like thule and Vrill
All overseen by SS
Exploring alternative energies

They developed aircrafts
That used gravitic drive systems
Their names were
Vrill and Haunebu
These machines used a core
Of liquid mercury
They had even manys Psychics
That worked chanelling for them

Miethe, belluzzo, Schriever, Habermohl and Schauberger
Were the fathers of the flying saucers
Hidden technology locked untill today
Using Zero point energy
Vrill, haunebus, all were produced in Jonas Valley complex
And the allieds in the end of war runned to steal plans for black projects

They not used the discs to try to win the war
Because it was impracticable
Despite their superior overall performance
They used them for transport or recon
In the end of war many prototipes were destroyed
And some say many went to a secret base
A secret base on underground Antarctica
But that history is for another song
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German Flying Saucers Lyrics

Skull And Bones – German Flying Saucers Lyrics