it dangles from his lips
the scorn hangs like a cigarette
he hasn't even met me yet
shock the monkey
make it funky
doesn't mean a thing
the wax museum breathes
it slithers out of taxicabs
a generation up for grabs
sell the rumor
sense of humor
doesn't mean a thing

kamikaze fashion zombies on the prowl
scared to death of letting their defenses down

very very plastic scary suicide
you're undercooked and overtried
and andy' on the phone
keep pretending that you mean it
i'll pretend that i believe it
wish to god that i was back at home
wish to god that i was back at home

we sold the factory
down the river years ago
don't pretend you didn't know
kept the poses
didn't mean a thing

mickey mouse meets mister brownstone in the john
so exciting grab a partner carry on

it fizzes in my ear
sparkles like a disco ball
i find myself inside it all
i'm not above it
i know i love it
never miss a thing
i never miss a thing
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Very Very Lyrics

Shrug – Very Very Lyrics