Leave me here in pewter-colored strange
I've seen the error of my ways but it's too late to change
Mercy mercy all is mercy now
I'm well aware of why to die but still hung up on how
Don't get gothic on me babe it's been a hellish night

Oh forget me not
Don't ignore me don't you know you're all I've got
Oh forget me not
Remember me and keep in touch and write a lot
Forget me not

Heaven help me when I go astray
Every now and then's developed into nearly every day
Never knew how lonely mobs could be
I rally round the effigy but it looks just like me

Don't get sentimental dear I know it's been awhile

I don't know what to say
I'll see you saturday
I guess it doesn't matter anymore

Don't get nervous or upset don't even turn around

This isn't how it happens on tv
I should be beside myself and you should be with me
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Forget Me Not Lyrics

Shrug – Forget Me Not Lyrics