I'm gonna shed my skin, deactivate my head
The skin that I regenerate looks like the skin that I just shed
I'm better suited being typical
I keep choking down the cockroaches until I get full

A centipede! Yeah, a centipede!
The trunk moves independently of the head
Cant keep it quiet, no cant keep it quiet
The lips keep moving when the brain is dead

Don't wanna keep it down, I wanna throw it up
I just can't keep it to myself, I can't shut myself up
Don't need no honesty, it isn't half as fun
I just want to run my mouth
It makes me feel like I am someone

I don't need to meet the arch bishop
Don't need to shake hands in a roman cathedral
Just drag the garbage up out of my guts
For I am all things to all people
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Centipede Sisters Lyrics

Showbread – Centipede Sisters Lyrics