I tried to run across the water and I sank into the deep
Listlessly beneath the sea, within it's murky keep
I want to keep my dinner down but I threw it up today
See how agonizingly propelled without delay?

I can't breathe and I don't want to anymore

The Jesus lizard tried to love but it's heart was made of lead
He could not move the way love does so he faked it all instead
The Jesus lizard wants to be the center of your ray of light
But any light he has yet to see, no light is in his sight
I tried to pull the nails from you
Out of your hands and feet
And when I tried I made you die and yet you came back for me
If I drag myself throughout this world
If I throw up everyday
Will you still see that I'm still here?
I'm waiting in all of my ways

"I am God" the lizard said
Alpha, omega end with me
The sun was hot upon his head
So he tried to run across the sea
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The Jesus Lizard Lyrics

Showbread – The Jesus Lizard Lyrics