With no sail, I have no choice but drift
Approaching clouds carry me this gift
Sun dried and tattered
Each inch of me hurts
Surrounded by water
But still dying of thirst
Because I won't give in to drinking the sea
The ale of defeat, the true death of me
Letting my shield down
Preparing for the storm
Staring up as the rain begins to take form
I close my eyes and open my mouth
Fill up my soul, my life is this drought
Drop by drop it leaks, this is all I want
But only a few fall
While the clouds still haunt
Draping like a halo, a crown of upsets
Is this a sign I'm not ready for it yet?
Rain down on me
Waiting for the darkened skies above
Rain down on me
Waiting for the skies I thought I loved
Rain down on me
I don't know what I want
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Samur Lyrics

Shipwreck A.D. – Samur Lyrics