From underwater the bubbles rise
Each one a whisper of my muffled cries
Gravity's chains break at these depths
In the palm of the tide, away I'm swept
I don't fit the mold
Instead the mold fits me
Deforming to lie then exploit
It's fingers drag, drowning aspirations
Using maturity to mask the void
That spreads like oil, diluting, polluting
In solitude I sink further from morality
Facing the deluge, picked clean of identity
Character dissolves just like the flesh
Incessantly fading, I subsist like the rest
Iridescent adolescence
Now hopelessly stark
A barnacle on a boulder
For the tempest to lark
Echoes remind me of who I'm meant to be
Propelled, I deny the sacrificial reef
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Nereus Lyrics

Shipwreck A.D. – Nereus Lyrics