Voice of The Shadowlight:
From the deepest abyss of mind
Through the infinite space of time
My voice will steal the light to your eyes
And make them bright
Chains of reality...
The spell of Minstrell's chant:
Somewhere in time,
Raised by the spellbound of the moonlight
With my chant I paint your dreams,
Hopes and desires,
If there's a fire in your eyes
With my melody I have inflamed your hearths
With hate and love
The messangers of Awakening:
Winds of tragedy
Tears of sadness mistrell on
Winds of tragedy
No more light
Winds of tragedy
Sterile shadowlight weighs the world
The Minstress of Blindness:
Darkness embraces memories,
Lost in the shadowlight
Mankind writhes in pain
Tears from the sky
Are slowly blowin' outn the flames of desire,
The infinite essence of the forest die before the cold
Walls of progress
Fairy wawes of immagination break
Against the inanimated stones of reality
Skies are falling,
Freedom cries,
Nature everywhere is dying,
Before my eyes
The Truth from Infinity (The voice of the Sphere):
Fantasy is beyond your eyes,
Mirror and gate to the lost world of dreams,
Desires, inspirations, enchanted stars,
To enlight realitywith the colours of hope
Hidden deep inside yourself
The rebellion of Fantasy:
Force and majesty
Lights and thunders coming with
Force and majesty
This is our time
Force and majesty
One will prevail in fight
The Endless battle
Minstrel of blindness:
The magical sphere is the flame of our soul
Mistress of Shadowlight:
I'll break your hopes,
I rule the world,
I am you...
Minstrel of blindness:
Mankind id floating in a sea of darkness,
Mankind raise up
It's time to realize!

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Secret Sphere Lyrics

Secret Sphere – Secret Sphere Lyrics