Battle hymns, fire, blood and glory
In the northern lands,
Where the Gods command
Raise high my sword, for the reign of king,
Open me the gate of my dreams

I will fly, across the knowledge I'll fly,
Into the skies of the legend,
Valiant warrior I'll fly, on wings of glory,
And my eyes will see the spell of the endless time

[Pre chorus]
Look int yhe wisdom,
Hear the symphony of the wind
A journey through the eternal reign,
For the judgment of the Gods

Recall of the Walkyria,
From mighty world of skies
I'll walk across the magic bridge
That joins our world with death,
Recall of the Walkyria,
Heroes are calling my name
To Agard we'll ride on valleys of glory,
Side by side.

Flames of the pride,
Take my soul
I'm the son of the glory,
My sword is the courage
Mine is the kingdom of light

On the chant of the wind
Leavens my body
In dust and leaves twinkles my sword
While my eyes show to mind
My life, slovly is fading away

I will ride through the ancient secret of runes
On the cobweb of destiny
And my soul will be my body
I am the winner
I am the king of the sky in this magic tale

[Pre chorus]

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Recall Of The Valkyrie Lyrics

Secret Sphere – Recall Of The Valkyrie Lyrics