Run through the woods to the house on the hill the one we'll make warm as soon as we get in or should I say as soon as I get in. so can I ravage you right where you stand your heart on your sleeve and my love in your hand and this is going exactly as I planed

so tonight we explore the boundaries the skin has offered the voice pitches out and it goes yeahhh yeahhh yeahhhhh!

with your bright eyes and your green lights and a night we won't forget for the rest of our lives

we then hit the ground as hard as we can your back to the floor and my head on your chest and I must say the beast in you is showing you grab for the air as if something is there something watching this machine we have built is this love or is it just pure sin

BREAK OUT your punches this is a night for the rest of our lives

you play in love your hardly ever stay in love its safe to say you've given up on your heart

burning our open mouths our eyes our eyes
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It Only Took A Whisper Lyrics

Secret Lives Of The Freemasons – It Only Took A Whisper Lyrics