Confusion left you with broken mind,
Love picked you up and left you low like the tide,
Throw pictures in,
Try to forget all the time she spent showing love to him time we spent,
All the breaking news of your departure and the wasted breath that tried to keep you,
Near small words big breaks,
The time for living is here say goodbye,shake hands, walk away,
Spent several months trying to forget words you had said,
When I thought I'd lost my head,
Throw the towel in, try to displace all the time we spent,
Running away from ourselves,time we spent
And the bragging you did about time spent with him
Was just vain and then all the time well spent in his arms
Walk away, I don't care, your love you brag about...
Your love is a mirror...
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To The Barricades! Lyrics

Secret Lives Of The Freemasons – To The Barricades! Lyrics