Just like Billy Bragg I am in Love but not with England
And just like Dylan I'm a rollin' stone
Hank Williams he told me that I'm just a ramblin' man
John Prine dubbed me an angel from Montgomery
Johnny Cash the man in black
With Woody Guthrie on a freight train headed west
With three chords, and a head full of songs

Johnny's sniffin' glue again and Armstrong lives a poets life
While Lennon sang let's give peace a chance

I remember:
"Be who you wanna be and do what you wanna do,
Because I am he, she is she, but you're the only you"

Muddy Waters sang "man I just can't be satisfied"
Sinatra said, I just did it my way
Looking back a little closer on what Marley had to say
A redemption song was all I ever had
Iggy Pop's Idea of fun is killing everyone
And now I see how I wanna be your dog

There's an inflammable material planted in my head
And I'm way too drunk to fuck
Peace or annihilation was a choice

I remember:
"Last night in a room full of drunk, sang along to the songs
To the songs I never had to courage to write"

I never had the courage to write.
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Omaggio Lyrics

Screams Of Christ – Omaggio Lyrics