It's been 3 whole years since the day we met
Putting more empty promises into eachothers head
We though we'd never die
With no reason to stay alive

Maybe it was the alcohol
Or the sleepless nights of regret
But I still swore I would love you til' the end

Like the time we got fucked in Chicago
The train ride hand in hand
The man in the street with his guitar
Singing a song of lonesome and sorrow

It was the middle of the night in Ohio
Sitting in the diner thick with smoke from the cigarettes
We never knew where we were going
But we'd never lose our way


I won't sleep at night until I wake up next to you tomorrow
All I'm left with is just these memories
And I won't sleep at night til' my eyes roll to the back of my head
All I'm left with is fucking memories

It's been one whole year since I've had a drink
Some say it's coming to an end real soon
But I've got my grip tight onto this guitar
This time instead of the bottle

And our nights would never end
Until we could not even speak
We'd pull over the car and puke our hearts out
To the cold ground waiting below us

You would listen to my songs
With a smile on your face
Hiding the poems you would write
And would never let me read
I think it's time that we both know
Just how things will end up here
It took me so much just to write this song
And it will never be enough

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I Won't Sleep Lyrics

Screams Of Christ – I Won't Sleep Lyrics