I watched the sunset settle down to bed in the pacific sea, when all the colors filled the air until the sky fell fast asleep. The ocean sang it's quiet lullaby in perfect harmony while heavens nightlights filled the air to keep me safe and cover me.

[Chorus: X2]
Take a deep breath in and release it
A dozen lovestruck kisses in cold sweat
Careful baby you don't want to regret this
Don't care about your first but I hope I'm your last kiss

My tired eyes lift off the shoreline to the night sky facing east, with all the neon city lights that shine reflecting underneath the skyline silhouette, of black against the blue and reddish clouds above my head, where I swear I wont forget this memory.

Say right now, you won't leave, stay right here, here with me

(final chorus doubled parts)

Say right now, you'll never leave, could it be easier to see?
Forever and ever say you'll always be right here with me

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Here With Me Lyrics

Saturday Night At The Apollo – Here With Me Lyrics

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