Princess, you contemplate your fate for hours locked inside the tallest tower where you stay. Princess, you wear a crown that's made of flowers waiting for someone to save you each and every single day.

I took a chance and i'll try my best to blow it, then make amends when it's way too late to fix this, take a breath of the heavy air and try my best to just pretend there's noone there, shut them out again, I'm trying not to miss you, and busy looking for another place to run to, and rock bottom isn't very far because all they are are broken dreams and shattered hearts

Princess, you're beautiful - you know you are as legends say it from afar, so come over to your window and you'll see me standing on the ground below, waiting for a chance to ride away so we can take all of this in our past and put it all behind our backs and go
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Fairy Tale Lyrics

Saturday Night At The Apollo – Fairy Tale Lyrics

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