[The army of A'ryth-Ra:]

"Marching 'neath the Banner of the Bloodstained Sword
Warriors of the Oath unleash the Crimson Storm!
Disciples of the Horned God fear the Final War!
We (have) come to crush and desecrate, Metal is the Law! "
"Metal is the Law
Metal is war! "
([The emperor:]
"My Blood be thine Force as my Flesh serve thine Will!
I who grant thee this life urge thee, grant me the kill!
This Oath it is sealed by Honour, Magic and Blood!
I swear not to fail but myself become God!!! ")
[The army of A'ryth-Ra:]
"We've come to seal your fate, we've come with killing Hate
To crush and desecrate, metal is war! "
([The emperor:] "What a splendid sight it is to see those Legions march ! How hungry they are for the Bloodshed !")
[The oracle of A'ryth-Ra:]
"Follow him, the One, the Light where Darkness falls...
And sing the Songs of Battle where the Slaughter calls!
Hail the Sacred Conqueror, sworn to bring demise...
And when the Fog of Battle clears a new Kingdom will rise! "
[The army of A'ryth-Ra:]
"Beneath the Dragonsky, our Banner's flying high!
Face us and you'll die!!! "
[The emperor:]
"I am in Command to soak the Killing Field with Blood
(I am the) High-King of my Warriors, the Dragonslayer-Lord
My Armour shining Steel, I wear the Sceptre, Sword and Ring
I am the Saviour prophesized and I reign supreme! "

[The following events are pictured in chapter vii 'dethrone the tyrant king' on sacred steel's second Onslaught of Metallic Rage "WARGODS OF METAL"]
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Metal Is War Lyrics

Sacred Steel – Metal Is War Lyrics