"I look into myself to ask the fates for answers
But even the voices of my soul remain silent.
Still sleeping I murmur the ritual words of the time-lost invocation,
Ara'sha nimu ko'sha!
The third dream-gate opens and I fall onward through the crystal ball"
The apostate on the voyage to the center of cythraul
"Weird dreams, dark visions, black spells ensorcell me!
Sword tight (in my trembling hands), grim mission,
Come forth those voices sing"

"The secrets once forbidden are gifts to be unveiled!
Beware (my son)! for hell's damnation waits if you should ever fail!"
(The sojourner is trapped in the delirium of the fall)

"a royal Balefire (I see the Valkyries taking my dead body to the hall of kings)!
A king's soul, haunted, doomed!
A warrior's death pyre! a mortal earthbound tomb"
"I follow to the ancient call, dark forces!
I'm falling through the crystal ball, dark forces!
I've come to face my sacred fate, dark forces!
(i beg thee) dark forces, lead me to the brimstone gate!"
"Death-ring! black magic! your wielder I shall be!
Doom-sword! dark terror! your steel my victory!
Wrath-scepter! wand of spells! sign of a god-king's reign
I fear not death nor hell nor fire! I shall not fail!"
("I enter to the Stygian pyramids.
Realm of the descendants of a race even older than the old gods themselves!")
"Shield blessed by sorcery, anointed by her spells
I'm drawn into the black abyss of fiery hell!"
("I am reborn in bloodshed to wreak havoc, death and hate
Upon the lost souls doomed, where endless pain awaits!")
"I call thee, dark forces! dark forces! (priests of the serpent-race!)
Dark forces! (sorcerers of time! disciples of the worm!)
Dark forces! dark forces!
Lead me to the brimstone gate!"
(Before the council of the serpent.
The dreamer stands alone, facing the trial of the elder gods.)

"Behold these treasures! we know your soul is pure.
Take them and use them to rule this world once more!"
(The neophyte on the way back to the second dream-gate)

"Thus spake the elders!
The gods of metal, steel and iron and glory
(I am) reborn to reign as king!"
"Dark forces lead me to the brimstone gate!
Dark forces lead me through the brimstone gate!"
("Passing the third gate, I return to the crimson world.")
"And to a world of slaughter I awake!"
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Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate Lyrics

Sacred Steel – Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate Lyrics