Squire Trelawny and Dr. Livesay having asked me, Jim Hawkins,
To tell everybody the whole tale about the 'Island',
Flint's treasure and Mr. Silver.
Keeping nothing back but its position and that only,
Because the major part of the treasure has not been lifted yet.
I personally think we would never have begun this adventure
And set course with the 'Hispaniola', if we had known
What would happen and that some of us would never return,
Having lost their lives. Sometimes the whole story haunts dreams
And brings me the worst nightmares I ever had.
That's when I hear the cries of the fallen,
The waves pounding the rocks on the coast and Captain Flint's
Raw voice screaming: 'Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! Hahahah!'.
And I tell you, no oxen and wain ropes will ever take me
Back to 'Treasure Island'!!!

Mr. Bones is fighting 'Black Dog'
He want to split him to the chine
'Blind Pew' the bringer of the spot
Horse-hooves trampling his spine
We have the map to start our trip
The 'Squire' has the ship and the sailors
'Long John' is the man with the grip
No one knows he will raid us

The yell of the slain
The waves on the rocks
Captain Flint's raising hell
He's calling my name
To drive me insane
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Treasure Island Lyrics

Running Wild – Treasure Island Lyrics

Songwriters: ROLF KASPAREK
Treasure Island lyrics © THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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