Only when the last dragonslayer has been laid by the heels
And his demonic soul is melting in the holy flames of eternal truth
The dragons kingdom will return to free the enslaved soul
From his shackles of hate
That will be the time, when the Serpent looses its tongue and its head!!

The kiss of the Serpent brings darkness and torment
They fight the defender with treason and slander
Seducing to blindness, souls' getting mindless
They're slaying the dragon, they're hunting the pagan

When the unerring law of the dragon returns, to wipe away all the pain
The Serpent is banned and the soulless will burn, the roof of all evil to tame

No resurrection with evil's attraction
Denying its spell, might save you from hell

The death of all badness brings the end of all madness
He rides the wind on silent wings, laser beams ripping steel
Black helicopters go up in flames, before they know that he's real

Firebreather, raging from the stormy sky
Firebreather, smoke and thunder steal the light away
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Return Of The Dragon Lyrics

Running Wild – Return Of The Dragon Lyrics

Songwriters: ROLF KASPAREK
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