Take a chance and live the dream
Never be scared of anything
Always chase after what you believe
That's what we all say
But do we really know

Life isn't always easy
Love doesn't always win
Hell isn't the way to go
If you want to be here in the end
What do we all know
About life, love, and hell

Follow your heart and never change
Remember to keep your mind sane
Don't let anyone extinguish the flame
That's what we all feel
But does it really ever show


It's really not all that hard
To describe the world we live
Getting burned at every corner
The hell that we go through
To make others feel our pain


The world began with
Life, love, and hell
It survives on
Life, love, and hell
And the end will come because of
Life, love, and hell
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Life, Love, And Hell Lyrics

Roxy Williams – Life, Love, And Hell Lyrics