Hey you, yeah you
You think you're special
Hey now, I don't know
Maybe it's true.
What's that, you say
You think you want me
Is it gonna be the same thing again
I don't want to show you how I win

Maybe, I'll take a chance
Baby, give me a romance
Never, take the time of day
To break my heart in any way
I'll stay by your side
As long as you treat me right

Baby take your time
To tell me how you feel
Don't tell me that you love me
Until it's for real
Oh I'm not trying
To tell you who to be
I'm just wanting
Love not to hurt me


Here I go again
I'm trusting you now
Please don't let me
Take a tumble and go down
Yeah I maybe
Stronger than I might look
But I still feel
The heart that you now took


Just as long
As I feel I can trust
The person that you are
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As Long As You Treat Me Right Lyrics

Roxy Williams – As Long As You Treat Me Right Lyrics