He's burning the butane
He's got a wallet chain
He will show off his tattoos
He's almost six foot six
He's scoping all the chicks
While he's hanging on to you
And you're unaware that his eyes are never on you
He's working on his game
Just pretend that you're in love with what's-his-name

You're the one who's breaking every heart in here
You're with stupid
He's the one that should be crying in his beer
You're with stupid
I'm the one who wishes he could disappear
I feel stupid

Her face is all aglow
So pale like whitest snow
It's more than I can bear
I'm swallowing so hard
I'm keeping up my guard
I am trying not to swear
'Cause he's right there with his perfect arms around you
Stabbing my heart through
If he wouldn't punch my face in
I'd say to you

See the sunlight shining through
He just isn't good for you
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You're With Stupid Lyrics

Roper – You're With Stupid Lyrics