On the back of a school bus singing "I Love Rock & Roll"
Put another dime in the jukebox, "Let the Good Times Roll"
Grab the back of a Buick Skylark
Just like Michael J. Fox
Grind the trucks on your brand new skateboard
Just like Tony Hawk
Those days are gone
We could break dance, pop-lock our wrists kid
Before your grunge rock ever existed

Years may seem so distant
Feels like a million miles
Troubles were non-existent

Run DMC were the kings of rock then, at the record store
Megatron versus Optimus Prime yeah
Commodore 64
Out on the lawn
Flux Capacitor in the back and
We're pushin' eighty while the Libyans attack and

Don't want to be
On the marquee
Twenty years will fade to nothing
Pop the clutch and then we'll see
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1985 Lyrics

Roper – 1985 Lyrics