This is not the life I promised you before
I can feel them running chains around our door
I'm coming to the end of what I'm for
But I will pull myself together I am sure

I will run for you until I start to drop
I will breathe your breath until you tell me to stop
We will see the ending of another sunny day
And well wait at home until the next one drops

Are we all just sitting here
Waiting on the end
Like it's only natural
Are we filling spaces
Til we find ourselves again
Like it's only natural
It's only natural

This is not the way we wanted this to be
I can feel your doubt inside of me
Were standing on the edge of everything weve ever seen
And everything well never get to be

And when you think it's over
It start coming aorund again
It's coming around again
And when you think it's figured out
It starts coming around again
It's coming around again
It's coming around again
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Natural Lyrics

Rob Thomas – Natural Lyrics

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